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1. If you had to characterize your character as an animal, what animal would you choose?
A mama bear. She's got anger issues to spare and would do almost anything to protect her son or the people she feels responsible for. Also, she can be terrifying when she wants to be.

2. If your character were to characterize herself as an animal, what animal would she choose?
Probably a caged bird. She's a bit cynical that way.

3. Is your character a follower, a rebel or a leader?
A rebel. She reacts badly to feeling controlled. That said, she can follow orders if it's something she agrees with.

4. Your character wakes up in her home and smells smoke. What does she do?
Rush to make sure everyone else gets out of the house, especially Marco. She'll rush to his room first. The irony of this is that, given who she lives with, they might be much better prepared than she is to get out of a burning building.

5. What's the strangest thing your character ever did?
Give herself food poisoning to sabotage one of Edriss' plans.

6. What social niche did your character fill as a child--bully, nerd, cool kid, something else?
Nerd. Eva was a total bookworm in school and was on the college chess team. You don't recover from that uncoolness.

7. What's the luckiest thing that ever happened to your character?
Getting rescued by the Animorphs in #45 was pretty damn lucky. They all nearly died BUT THEY DIDN'T.

8. What's the worst stroke of fortune your character ever had?
Getting infested in the first place sucked.

9. If your character had nearly unlimited wealth, what would she spend it on?
Well, she practically had this before arriving on Stacy. She bought lots of boats, worked anyway, donated a lot to charity and lived very comfortably in a big fancy house Marco bought her.

10. Who's the craziest person your character has ever known, and what was their relationship like?
One was stuck in her brain! But the craziest she probably knew was Esplin 9466, and she alternately tried to use him to needle Edriss and tried to help Edriss take him out.

11. How does your character make a living and why did he choose that route?
She was a political campaign manager because she's great at multitasking and strategizing. She would have liked to work on a more national level but never got promoted that far.

12. If your character had a theme song, what would it be? (You can either pick a real song or make
one up.)
Veda Hille's "Book of Saints".

"Hey lookie here the book of saints
What they are is what you ain't
You stand here all cripple-fisted
You know you're strong enough to lift this
I will not martyr, I will hit you harder
I am made of iron
I am maid and bleeder
Keep back, keep back, keep back a hundred meters
I will not martyr, I will not martyr
I will live long and happy on your blood and water
Or bodies are not made of breath
They're made of thread and air
And blood comes out in pints and litres
Keep your paws off, filthy cheaters
It takes twelve men to hold me down
With a broken bone and a gashed-up crown
Don't you know how fast I can run a hundred meters?
Try to show respect and keep your distance

13. If someone wrote love poetry to or about your character, how would it read? (Either describe or--
go ahead--give it a shot and write some poetry. It doesn't have to be good.)
Peter probably has written it for her, and it's probably sucked because he's totally not a word person. He'd probably try to make it rhyme and fail to find a suitable match for 'Eva' besides 'flavor' and ew.

14. How would your character court the person of her dreams?
Play hard-to-get. Eva doesn't court, she is wooed.

15. How does your character prefer to solve minor arguments with others?
Snark attack! 'This is why you suck' speeches! She can make a minor argument something much larger because of all her underlying issues.

16. What is the worst tragedy your character has ever personally witnessed?
Probably the infestation and execution of children - sometimes at her own hands because of Edriss.

17. If your character were a writer, what type of material would she write?
She's actually writing her memoirs. Her publisher didn't like the first draft because it was too sterile, to which Eva responded that if they wanted her to bleed out for them they'd have to stick her like a pig.

18. How healthy is your character?
She's healthy, but she has some old injuries that haven't healed and she has chronic stress.

19. How does your character feel about doctors?
She's wary of them. She was a bit of a pincushion for a while after the war, and she doesn't like that they keep recommending she get therapy.

20. If your character could be someone else, who would she want to be?
Anyone else, especially when she's back home. She isn't picky.

21. Does your character want power or authority of any kind?
Mostly just control of herself.

22. Describe the nature and intensity of your character's religious feelings.
She's loosely Catholic. She had a lot more faith before being infested, and now occasionally clings to the traditions an the belief in the afterlife like a security blanket. Honestly she doesn't talk about it much because as a player, I don't have much religious knowledge.

23. Pick three adjectives that best describe your character's inner nature.
Conflicted, frustrated, paranoid.

24. Pick three adjectives that best describe your character's outer manner.
Composed, gracious, dry.

25. What is your character's view on basic human nature?
Humans are inherently capable of good. Many will naturally resist what they feel is wrong and will violently defend what threatens them and their loved ones. They are clever and a race to be proud to belong to in spite of their many faults.

26. How does your character view animals--as pests, pets, workers or dangers? Are pets viewed more
as family or as second-class citizens? How far would he go to protect or take care of an animal?
Eva would protect a pet, but not over the life of a human. She thinks people who call their pets 'their children' have obviously never had kids.

27. How generous is your character toward strangers?
 With her time?
 Her money?
 Her aid in times of crisis?
 Her attitudes?
 Her emotional support?
1. Very generous, but she'll get fed up with people not putting in equal effort.
2. Very.
3. Very.
4. Depends. She can be very warm and caring but she has a low tolerance for others' self-pity, and no sympathy for hosts that went through similar things to her and allowed themselves to sink under their own misfortune.
5. Same as the former.

28. How easily does your character relate to others?
Relatively well. She's a bit reserved but can be coaxed out of her shell if treated with the right respect. She's very empathetic.

29. Does your character prefer adventure or security?
Security. She's had adventure. It was lame. She wants a refund.

30. Is your character a dreamer, or are his feet firmly planted on the ground?
More firmly planted on the ground.

31. What was the last medical problem your character had?
She got whipped on the back of the neck when she was possessed.
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