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Your name: LisaCharly
Your LJ: lisacharly.livejournal.com
Your email: patchyshec@yahoo.com
Your AIM handle: lisacharly@mac.com

Character's name: Eva
Character's LJ: revenant_husk@livejournal.com
Character's canon: Animorphs

Brief (around 300 words) personality outline of your character:

Eva, much like her son, is a pragmatic, capable and intelligent individual. She's always espoused the view that life is outrageous and comical rather than tragic, and still believes this despite years of torture and enslavement by the Yeerks. She is very resilient and seemingly spends no time outwardly dwelling on the 6-7 years the Yeerks stole from her.

Though she understandably hates the Yeerks and especially Edriss 562, her Yeerk, for the ordeal she's been through, Eva is still capable of feeling compassion and even of co-operating with the enemy out of sympathy. Upon discovering that Edriss is a mother too, Eva puts forth effort to getting her captor out of danger and helping protect Edriss' child. Eva understands that the world is more complex than simply good and evil, and she firmly believes that moral ends justify immoral, or even self-sacrificing, means. Eva values the common good over her life and her son's well-being, as she displayed when she convinced Marco to her be reinfested so Edriss could live, knowing that she was likely to die as a result. However, during moments of extreme rage, she can become irrational and violent.

Before her enslavement Eva was a devoted wife and very competent, loving, involved mother. While Eva can be biting and harsh at times, she does have patience for more fragile personalities, such as her husband Peter's. Eva dislikes idleness, and while in refugee camp quickly began to work on weapon plans and plotting defense tactics the Hork-Bajir seer Toby.

According to the series Eva is Christian, probably Catholic, and enjoys singing in the church choir. She grew up speaking Spanish and immigrated to the United States.

Brief (around 500 words) history and background of your character OR link to a really good wiki page with their history. In either case, explain where they cut off from the timeline:

Prior to the beginning of the Animorphs series, Eva was involuntarily infested by Edriss 562, the future Visser One. Edriss passed as Eva for at least a year and a half, gradually getting Eva involved with sailing so she could later fake Eva's death. Eva disappeared after a sailing accident and was presumed dead.

Edriss was promoted to Visser One, and while on a visit to Earth, Eva was identified by Marco and Jake. Edriss was assigned to weapons development for the war on Leera and began a project creating mind-controlled sharks in the waters outside California. When the Animorphs attacked, Visser One and Marco met face to face, leaving Eva with the impression that Marco was infested. In the ensuing battle, Eva and Edriss were knocked unconscious and rescued by a Leeran-Controller.

Edriss was summarily temporarily stripped of her rank and sent back to Earth to try and discredit Visser Three by discovering the Hork-Bajir Valley. She allied with the Animorphs, not realizing she was being double-crossed, and ended up in a trap between her, Visser Three and the Animorphs. Marco revealed himself to be free and an Animorph to them before Eva and Edriss were knocked off a cliff and presumed dead by the Animorphs.

Edriss was put on trial for a variety of crimes, during which Eva taunted and goaded her until it was revealed that Edriss had children. Empathizing, Eva helped advise Edriss during the trial. After the Animorphs kidnapped Eva and Edriss in the middle of the trial, Eva asked Marco to let her be reinfested, trusting that Edriss would continue to push for a slow invasion of Earth rather than all-out war for the sake of Edriss' children. Though Eva was likely to die if Edriss was found guilty, Marco agreed to let Edriss live and returned her to his mother.

During the latter half of the trial, Edriss revealed that she'd casually murdered her children's biological mother. Eva, feeling betrayed and manipulated, seized control just long enough to ask the Council to kill Edriss. The Council ignored her request and suspended Edriss death sentence, designating Edriss to be a military leader in the Anati system.

After Edriss botched her job on the Anati system, they were returned to Earth to be publicly tortured and starved to death. The Animorphs rescued an injured and violent Eva, and in the ensuing battle Eva and Marco worked together to kill Edriss. Eva was then reunited with her husband Peter, who had only recently begun to move on from Eva’s original "death".

In the Hork-Bajir valley and later the refugee camp, Eva helped Toby to scheme and assisted in working with the computers and co-ordinating the other Animorphs' family members, and she and Peter became a couple again. Due to her history and age, Eva became one of the most respected members of the camp. She threw her support behind Jake as a leader.

Eva survived the war, after which KA seemed to forget about her. She doesn't appear in the final book so we're left to assume she and Peter did just fine. Her son became a fame-hogging superstar and actor, and later disappeared on a suicide mission. Eva was cut off from her timeline a few months after Marco's disappearance.

Sample post (just a general, everyday, puttering-around-the-ship post; please include a snippet of dialogue):

Eva never expected to feel like she was in someone else's body. She had housed a parasite for years inside her own skull, but somehow the idea had never really occurred to her. And now she was regularly walking down what were either hallways or sinuses, probably the latter, and it didn't even faze her.

The sheer amount of weaponry visible in the Armory, however, always managed to make her raise her eyebrows.

Mostly, Eva was trying to estimate how much of everything Stacy had, although that was a futile task. It gave her something to do, at least. There was no better timewaster than staring at a limitless holographic ceiling full of ammunition and firearms and trying to count it.

"We'd need to mortgage the state of California to do a buyback on these," she said to herself with a grin.

As she moved to take a free revolver, Stacy asked for the verbal code and biometric identification. Eva gave both, though she rolled her eyes and said to no one, "why is it that there isn't a single thing in space that doesn't make me feel violated?". She'd taken to talking to herself ever since Edriss died, and even years later hadn't broken the habit. Being alone, having no one to talk to, no one to listen, was still a strange and somewhat uncomfortable experience.

She briefly considered rooting through the Possession Locker in the vain hope of finding Peter's things, if he was on the ship, but if she was being honest with herself it was probably better he wasn't around. She loved him more than life, but he wasn't the most hardy man and nothing quite strains one's nerves like "every timeline and reality ever rests on your shoulder, good luck!";. And to an extent it made her angry; why was it she and her son, who'd already fought a hellish enough war, were getting drafted to save some unfathomable amount of people yet again? Wasn't it time the universe started spreading the draft around?

"Well, at least you'll be well-armed," she said, spinning the empty chamber and ruing the lack of a shooting range.

Non-superhuman special abilities of note (Is your character a master ventriloquist? A naturally-occurring super-genius? The best martial artist in the world? Say so here):

Eva is a capable strategist and charismatic speaker. Despite countless injuries and near-death experiences, she is not only alive but unshaken, so she has a considerable amount of resilience. She is intimately familiar with Yeerk mindsets and accustomed to thinking of things from the opposing perspective.
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