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History: Eva Salazar was born in Chile to relatively wealthy and influential parents, but after their safety was threatened in the military coup of 1973, they moved north to Mexico as political refugees. Eva began learning English at that point, recognizing the opportunities she'd have in America, and after she finished her secondary education she moved to California as a student in communications at UCLA.

There, she met Peter Laroche, an electrical engineering major, and though they studied together, they didn't keep in touch beyond their freshman year. Eva pursued a Master's degree in political science, and after running into Peter again, they became close friends. Eventually, after Peter had unsuccessfully tried for a Ph. D, they became a couple and later married. She soon became an American citizen.

Though she took time off for the birth of her son, Eva devoted a good amount of energy to her career as a political campaign manager. She was very skilled and earned the nickname Spinmaster Salazar for her work with the press, but despite her ambitions she never reached the level she wanted in her career. While she suspects racism and sexism, it was likely her refusal to ever work overtime. Eva was abducted by Edriss while doing some "investigative smear-campaigning" against another candidate.

After the war, Eva took a job as a policy advisor to governmental affairs involving Yeerks. It allowed her to put her nightmarish years with Edriss to good use, and let her be immersed back in the political environment. She and Peter remained married and lived together in Santa Barbara, where Eva has spent the last several months trying to convince her husband that their son isn't dead.

Traits and Quirks: Eva is incredibly proud, both of herself and her family. Even before her infestation, she dislikes being a victim, and in the wake of the war has done her best to overcome, or at least stop projecting that image. She is an ambitious career woman, though the war has pushed her to be less self-interested than she was before her infestation. She feels as if she's not only had to overcome the image of the war victim, but also of the Latina immigrant, and secretly she feels conflicted about her race and history. She tends to fidget when left with nothing to do and is a skilled multitasker.

She and Peter complement each others' personalities, as he allows her to work through feelings she's too proud to exhibit to others, and she lets him know when his tendency to mope starts to interfere with his ability to function. In many ways, Peter is dependent on her to keep on track, and Eva needs Peter to keep her from getting too bitchy and cynical. They tend to fight, as Peter's passive-aggressive and Eva tends to take her anger out on the wrong people, but ultimately they're a surprisingly functional relationship for two people who see the world so differently.

Like her husband, she enjoys classical music. She also enjoys comedy sketch shows, black and political comedy, magic realism literature and impressionist art. She once enjoyed science fiction, but the alien invasion pretty much killed that love. Her hobbies include cooking, sailing, rock-climbing, drinking wine and gardening. She drinks her coffee with cream but no sugar.

Eva carries a gun these days ever since she was attacked on the street for being identified as Visser One's former host.

She is writing her memoirs, but insists they not be published until after her death.


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